Simplicity of buying a home from a very large builder

Most people believe that buying a brand new home is far more complicated than buying a resale or used home

Actually, the opposite is true.

When you buy a resale, you have to deal with termite inspections, home inspection reports, engineering reports, illegal additions, violations, fence encroachments and sometimes even tenants, handymen, and home improvement contractors.

When you buy from a very large builder like Modern Age the wood is already termite treated, the Town does all the inspections for foundation, framing, insulation, engineering, and final inspections. The are no violations, fence encroachments or illegal additions.

You don’t have to read any blueprints or speak to any architects.

You just simply pick the model and the builder builds it for you. You can pick your colors virtually online or in person.

You just pick the house and you move in when the home is complete!

By the way, Many of the homes are already completed.

If you pick one of those—- you can simply move on in!!

Bottom line: buying a brand new home can be far simpler than buying a resale