New Construction Can Be Less Expensive Than Buying a Resale or Used Home

Many people believe that buying a Brand new home is MORE expensive than buying a used resale home

Actually, the opposite can be true.

First Modern age and its suppliers provide extensive New Home Warranties.  For example its roofing, siding, electric, plumbing, central air, foundations, and appliances have warranties.

We give you a large package of these warranties.

If you buy a used home you GET NO WARRANTIES AT ALL THAT SURVIVE CLOSING- YOU have to pay for anything that needs fixing from day one LIKE OLD hidden mold, leaky old roofs, AND old boilers that conk out- JUST TO NAME A FEW.

This can cost you tens of thousands of dollars-

Also, you may have to have workmen fixing the home which may not be hygienically optimal.

Additionally, many of Modern Ages new homes are Smart Homes with unified temperature and lighting smart hubs. All homes have ERV air handling systems which bring fresh air into the home throughout the day reducing allergens and germs.

When you buy from a large builder these extensive warranty and technology packages can equate to over $100,000 in value and savings.

Warranties can also be viewed as acting like a financial insurance policy for your family.

On top of that, many people cannot put a price tag on the peace of mind of warranties can provide.

Second its possible on a brand new homes to save $8,000 dollars on you real estate taxes in the first year. We can show you how.

Third if you are moving from the 5 boroughs of NYC to one of our long island developments you will no longer have to pay NYC INCOME TAX WHICH is now about 4%.

That means if you make $100,000 a year you could save $4,000 a year for the rest of your working life just by moving to our developments!!!!

Of course for many, your car insurance can also decrease.

Fourth Modern Age’s brand new homes are energy star rated and have energy star certificates. They are built with some of the most high tech materials and technologies to insure that your cooling and heating and electricity bills will be less than in older homes,


Bottom Line- Buying a Brand new home can actually be LESS expensive – when you consider all the factors-  than buying a used resale home