Modern Age has house contracts that allow buyers to use absolutely any lender in America that they want.

However the developer creates for its families an optional approved lender list.  It is a list of banks that have specialized expertise and familiarity with new construction documents and developments which makes your buying process go quicker and more smoothly.

  • They also offer special pricing and other incentives for buyers.
  • They also endeavor to match any interest rate that another bank would charge and typically give zero points and very low rates.
  • Lastly and most importantly by using a bank from the list, the builder makes you a promise-

The promise is if you don’t get approved when you properly applied for your mortgage with them, you get your full down payment back- even if he already built your home- That’s how confident the builder is that these banks know from day one if you’re going to be fully approved.

Bottom line:  You can you see the enormous benefits of buying a brand new home from a very large and very strong developer like Modern Age Home Builders.